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Team Tailgaters - Park'n'Play 

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Team Tailgaters - Park'n'Play 

Written By: Riley 



Hacksaw (1) 

or metal-cutting band saw 

Power drill and drill bits (1) 

Rivet gun (1) 

Welder (1) 

Wrenches (1) 

Square aluminum tubing (6 ft) 

Diamond steel plate (4 sq ft) 

this can be substituted with wood or any 

other flat sheet material 

Ball mount and hitch receiver (1) 

Basketball hoop with pole (1) 

Steel pipe (1 ft) 

Note that this may change depending on 
size of your basketball pole: fit this 
dimension to pole 

Steel plated sqft) 

Misc. metal fasteners (1) 

if you do not choose to weld assemblies 


Steel plated) 

U-bolts (3) 

to fit P.P. of basketball hoop pole 


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Team Tailgaters - Park'n'Play 

The following instructions will guide you through the process of turning your Jeep, or another 
sport utility vehicle, into a multifunctional tailgating paradise. The Park'n'Play features a 
basketball hoop and a shelf that can hold a grill, food, etc. 

Step 1 — Constructing the shelf 

,j ri- 



1 ■■■ 



• The shelf will act as both a shelf to used while tailgating and a support to store the pole 
sections and basketball hoop during transportation. 

• a. Cut the aluminum tubing to the dimensions shown. 

• b. Weld aluminum tubing together as in the diagram shown: NOTE: Welding is not 
required. You can fasten the tubes together with steel bolts and 90-degree aluminum 
corner plates. We suggest using 5/16" nuts, bolts, and washers. Be aware you will also 
need a power drill and drill bits for proper sized holes. 

• c. Weld ball mount to the shelving frame as in the second image. NOTE: Welding is not 
required. You can fasten the ball mount to the shelving frame with steel fasteners. 

• d. Cut diamond plate into two pieces: 30" x 18" and 19.75" x 18". Weld steel diamond 
plate (or fasten other flat sheet material) to the frame as in the third image. 

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Team Tailgaters - Park'n'Play 

Step 2 — Constructing the basketball hoop and pole sections 

• The sections are made so that the 
assembly can be broken down 
during transportation. 

• a. Remove basketball hoop and 
backboard from pole. Note: this 
is only for transportation 

• b. Cut the basketball hoop stand 
into 3 equal sections. 

• c. Internal couplers may be 
added for support. Choose an 
OD that will suit the ID of the 
basketball hoop pole section. 
Two of these couplers will be 
needed. Make sure to fasten 
them into the bottom two pole 

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Team Tailgaters - Park'n'Play 

Step 3 — Constructing the external couplers 

• The external couplers will hold the pole sections together while the basketball hoop is in 
use. Two will be needed. 

• a. Cut 3.5" metal tubing in half, then remove 1" from each edge of the tubing. 

• b. Cut the 1 / 4 " metal plates to 1" x 12". 

• c. Weld flanges to the external couplers as in the photos. 

• d. Drill holes in external coupler plates for bolts in any configuration desired. 

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Team Tailgaters - Park'n'Play 

Step 4 — Constructing basketball pole receiver assembly 

2.000 — — 2J000 






ft * 


6.000 h- 






> | 2.000 f 


s 0,420 

iMEKO**'*rc*;**ti l *fe w« vn 





- ■'•■ 




A Pole Support 



■*»* "" 



SCAlEil* W»MT: $«TlCf 

• This will hold the bottom pole section rigid during use. 

• a. Cut metal plate and drill holes as in the diagram. 

• b. Weld plate to ball mount as in the diagram. 

• c. Use U-bolts to fasten bottom pole section to the pole receiver assembly and insert 
into hitch receiver. 

Step 5 — Attaching second hitch receiver to swing arm 

— L 



li i II ii ill in IPC&rB 


• Note: The swing arm shown 
here is specific to this 
model of Jeep. However, the 
purpose of this step is to make an 
attachment for the table to be used 
at an appropriate height. 

• Weld or fasten hitch receiver as in 
the photo. 

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Team Tailgaters - Park'n'Play 

Step 6 

• Attach pole sections and external couplers together as in the photos. 

Step 7 — Assembly and disassembly 

When packing up for transportation, the shelf inserts into the standard hitch receiver and 
the bottom pole mount inserts into the swing arm hitch receiver. Everything else is set on 
the shelf. 

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